The Fiat G.91 was an Italian jet fighter aircraft. It was the winner of the NATO competition in 1953 for a light fighter as standard equipment for Allied air forces. It entered in operational service with the Italian Air Force in 1961, with the West German Luftwaffe, in 1962,[1] and later with the Portuguese Air Force. It was in production for 19 years. 756 aircraft were completed, including the prototypes and pre-production models. The assembly lines were finally closed in 1977.[1] The Fiat G.91 enjoyed a long service life that extended over 35 years. It was widely used by Portugal in the Portuguese Colonial War in Africa. A twin-engined variant was known as the Fiat/Aeritalia G.91Y.

Its a build that one of my clients has been after for a while, his farther worked on the G91-T, and seeing as they don't make this kit in a T version I took up the challenge.

I used two of the 1/48 Heller G91-R kits, I also purchased 2 x resin cockpits, make unknown, from a very friendly chap in the far east. Then using images I set about building this little but intriguing kit, with it being an old kit, it came with raised panel lines and rivets, these had to all be sanded and re-scribed etc.etc, haawww the memory's are flooding back what a nightmare this bit was.



Scale: 1/48

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