Tamiya 1:32 Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero

Hajime Toyoshima, Manufacture Number 5349 Tail BII-124 “Model 21” Kit

Mitsubishi vs. Nakajima Zero
Throughout its production, the Zero was manufactured by two companies -- Mitsubishi and Nakajima. Both were in fact bitter rivals. However, the Japanese naval command cared little for such bickering. They needed aircraft in numbers. So Mitsubishi was forced to cooperate with Nakajima. Ironically, Nakajima built more than double the number of Zeros that Mitsubishi ever produced during the war.

BII-124 spent most of its time below a carrier deck (apart from flying), sun-fading would have been very slight. Bear in mind that this plane saw less than six months of operations. It was essentially spanking new when it crash landed in Australia.




Scale: 1/32

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